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  • Perkins COVID-19 Protocol
  • Basic Generator Maintenance: Are You Checking For Pests
  • Featured Employee: Cody Thompson


Perkins COVID-19 Protocol


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COVID-19As an “Essential Critical Infrastructure Workforce,” Perkins Generator Sales & Service continues to practice social distancing in all our interactions with customers. In most cases we can install and maintain your generator without having to enter your home or place of business. Any situation that requires us to work inside, will be coordinated with the homeowner/landlord via cell phone to keep all personnel and customers safely separated. If interior pictures are needed, the customer is asked to send them to us.

As always, keeping your generator in peak operating condition is our top priority. We continue to work hard to meet your needs in these trying times and remain committed to the safety of you and your family or business.

If you are considering adding a generator to your home or business we will supply estimates over the phone/email. Simply call us at 770-251-9765 or email: to get started.  


Basic Generator Maintenance: Are You Checking For Pests?

PestsSince you’ve invested in a generator, there are some simple things you can do to ensure it will perform optimally for the years to come. Something that is simple, but very import is the basic upkeep around the generator. We notice a huge uptick in pest intrusion during the summer months including:

  • Rodents will chew wiring and insulation
  • Bees/wasps make nests inside the generator
  • Ants can destroy the electrical components (mainly the controller which is several hundred dollars to replace)

Regularly inspect your generator to assess pest issues. If possible seal holes and openings into equipment. Wear gloves to remove any rodent debris, and do not kill snakes or other predators that keep pests in check. Remember, pest intrusion is not covered under warranty. Finally, don’t forget to address landscaping issues – bushes/plants/trees are often planted too close to the generator. This is a fire hazard as well as restricts adequate access to work on the unit.

Perkins offers maintenance service plans that are affordable and protect your investment. Visit our Service Plan page to learn more.


Cody ThompsonFeatured Employee: Cody Thompson

Meet, Cody Thompson, who just celebrated his 6-year anniversary working for Perkins! Cody is Perkins’ Lead Installer – the main point person on each job. His responsibilities include the electrical wiring of the generators and transfer switches. He is also responsible for activating/commissioning new generators.

Cody is engaged to his fiancée; Janet and they enjoy going to Church together on Sundays. He has an aquarium that he loves to tend to after work. He is also a first-time homeowner in Grantville. Other interests include watching the Falcons, playing ping-pong competitively, and listening to his favorite band, Five Finger Death Punch.

Thanks for being such an integral member of the Perkins team!



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