our transfer switches

During our free power risk assessment we will take time to explain the details of how your new generator and transfer switch interact to create a seamless transfer of power. We will show you how each generator is only as intelligent as the transfer switch—the “brains” of the system. An automatic standby transfer switch is similar to the thermostat in your house. Instead of monitoring temperature, an automatic transfer switch monitors utility power. When the power goes out, the switch tells the generator to start.

Some switches simply act as an “on/off” button—producing power when manually requested. Others actively monitor the power usage in “real-time” and will not only cycle power on when there is a total loss, but may have the ability to prioritize and isolate certain zones or systems as more critical than others. These smart switches can shut off power to lower priority zones or systems as demand peaks, and then bringing them back online when demand drops to within the generator’s capacity.

  • Home Backup
  • A variety of automatic home standby transfer switches are available for use with Generac automatic home standby generators. They transfer power automatically to the generator source, and switch back to utility power when it is restored.

  • Business Standby
  • Automatically transfer power from a permanently installed standby generator during a power outage, or manually deliver the power of a mobile generator into your facility for temporary use. We don’t use a manual application for businesses.

  • Portable Transfer Switches
  • Safely deliver the full power of your portable generator to your home's electrical system with a Generac manual transfer switch. Never run an extension cord from your portable generator to your individual appliances again.