Generac Generator Installation

We are here to help you determine what size generator would provide the degree of coverage you are looking for during an outage and would also fit within your budget. Whether you simply need the lights and heat on when the power is out or a fully integrated system to power your business, Perkins Generator Sales and Service can provide the right system to help you stay plugged in.

We can help design and build any system to meet the specific power requirements you are looking to achieve. We provide:

  • Free home emergency power planning--from whole house to bare essentials
  • Free on-site business power need consultations
  • Custom "turnkey" planning, design, and installation of all your generator needs
  • Service and support 24/7 by factory trained technicians
  • Full warranty support for any Generac system

Our team can have most Generac generators installed in as little as eight hours, with some residential Generac generators installed in as few as six!